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Banking Industries

Banking on imagination

Banking is expanding outside of banks.

Businesses are straying from their conventional lines to develop cross-industry ecosystems and add value at every stage of the customer experience as financial services are integrated into other industries. This boundaryless model aids in the creation of novel offerings and experiences when supported by the appropriate intelligence.

Additionally, inclusive and sustainable banking practices promote holistic growth.


Services Yiion Offers on that industry:


1.Self-service choices: In addition to the conventional voice-based contact center, use web-based interfaces, social media, bots, and mobile apps to access self-service options.


2.Services for collecting: Use analytics-driven credit operations to define customized business rules, such as "skip track" for unreachable consumers and payment schedules based on customer demands, to give a superior experience at all touchpoints.


3.Operations optimization based on analytics: Utilize voice and text analytics to solve problems and do root cause investigation. Utilize targeted campaigns for impending delinquencies and predictive analytics to find upselling and cross-selling opportunities.


4.Digital quality check: Using a platform that is checklist-driven and powered by real-time data, maintain quality and compliance, drive predictive decision-making, improve the operational experience, and guarantee compliance.


Banking Segments
Banking Segments

The banking industry is segmented into retail, corporate, investment, private, and asset management, each catering to specific customer needs.


Investments offer opportunities to grow wealth through asset allocation, such as stocks, bonds, real estate, and mutual funds.


Insurance is a financial product that offers protection against potential losses or damages in exchange for regular premium payments.

Tax and accounting
Tax and accounting

Tax and accounting services encompass the preparation, filing, and management of taxes, as well as financial record-keeping and reporting for individuals and businesses.

Retail Banking
Corporate Banking
Commercial Banking
Private Banking
Online Banking
Credit and Risk Management
Financial Technology

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