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Learning is now digital

The internet served as an immediate and continuous source of learning during the 21st century, bringing about a change in the education sector.
The demand for blended learning experiences enabled by technology has increased as a result of current market changes. Through phygital models, extended reality, and most recently the metaverse, digital enables limitless access to education, allowing students to engage in hyper-personalised, immersive, and self-paced learning. You can create a dynamic, future-ready workforce by collaborating with business and academia to reinvent the larger construct of education. 

For inclusive, cost-effective, and engaging learning, we provide advanced technological solutions.


We develop innovative technology solutions for inclusive, affordable, and immersive learning.

1. Exceptional student experiences:

  •  Educational institutions must adopt the digital age as smoothly as possible.

As technology-led blended learning experiences and non-conventional teaching and learning methods gain prominence, educational institutions are reevaluating their programs to make student experiences immersive. Adopting a phygital model by integrating digital platforms with physical assets enables the educational institutions to provide boundaryless access to education, while ensuring hyper-personalization.

  • How we can help:

Through an analytics-based system, higher education institutions aim to provide highly tailored learning experiences that cater to all sorts of learners.
Yiion offers end-to-end online program enablement capability to enable higher educational institutions to set up best-in-class digital infrastructure, learning platform,digital service desk, and remote assessment and proctoring. The solution allows them to integrate all their digital platforms to provide a seamless learner experience.By leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) technologies, the solution offers hyper-personalized learning content, enabling digital environments with automated service desk operations or bots as teaching assistants.

2. Integration services:  

  • Yiion’ solution integrates the digital platforms to create a single source of data and provides a seamless experience for lifelong learning.

3. Data centre and network command centre:

  • The solution comes with advanced data centres, cloud migration facilities, network modernization, and so on, to build advanced infrastructure powered by smart technologies and set up an online learning and virtual coaching and mentoring platform.

4. Remote assessment and proctoring:

  • The solution automates the process of conducting formative and summative assessments and can proctor remotely.

5. Student recruitment and enrollment:

  • Yiion also supports with the designing of web portals and digital marketing campaigns to attract students. 

6. Service desk operations:

  • Leverage best-in-class service desk operations and ensure seamless delivery of digital learning models.
E-Learning Platforms
E-Learning Platforms

E-learning platforms provide online educational resources, courses, and interactive tools to facilitate remote learning and skill development for individuals and organizations.

Educational Research
Educational Research

Educational research involves studying and analyzing educational practices, methodologies, and outcomes to improve teaching, learning, and educational systems.

Assessment And Evaluation
Assessment And Evaluation

Assessment and evaluation involve the systematic process of gathering and analyzing information to measure performance, effectiveness, or progress in various areas or domains.

Educational Technology Integration
Educational Technology Integration

Educational technology integration involves incorporating digital tools and resources into teaching and learning processes to enhance student engagement and outcomes.

Special Needs Education
Special Needs Education

Special needs education provides tailored support and accommodations to students with disabilities or exceptionalities, ensuring inclusive learning environments and individualized instruction.

Educational Consulting
Educational Consulting

Educational consulting provides guidance and expertise in areas such as curriculum development, school improvement, college admissions, and educational policy.

Schools and Universities
Online Education
Educational Technology
Education Research and Policy

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