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Dec 16, 2022
Automate Your Workflows With WordPress

As a WordPress Developer, being updated with recent techniques and trends can be intimidating. WordPress automation is a good thing, it typically comes in the form of a plugin and some WordPress plugins weigh a site. But the site should have the right plugins in place; we won’t have to worry about the side effects on your site’s performance.

A lot of things to keep the WordPress website to run in an optimal manner. For instance, you need to take backup on a daily basis, run scans at regular intervals, do comment moderation, updating, and much more!

Nov 23, 2022
Best WordPress Seo Plugins To Boost Your Traffic

Ranking higher in search engines is the main goal of every owner of a WordPress site. This objective can be achieved if you are able to meet the SEO requirements for your site. There’s no doubt that writing SEO optimized content can boost your site’s traffic. But it’s very important to know whether or not your content is SEO friendly. To ensure that you need to install a WordPress plugin to help you analyze and optimize your content.

Google Analytics To Understand Your Site Traffic

Before we recommend any kind of marketing strategy, site redesign, or content updates, we need to understand how people behave on your site, what your visitors like and dislike, and what can be done to influence them. It may be a surprise that up to 96% of people who come to your website aren’t ready to convert. So, how do we get a better picture of who they are and what they want to see that will change their minds? We need to understand their behavior, what they’re looking for, and how we can deliver it.